Getting Visual With Your Content: 10 Effective Ways To Use Images [Infographic]

Did You Know? Images Are The #1 Shared Form Of Content Across All Social Media Platforms!

Images can be used to catch the eye and engage people in your message. They can also be used to add context and meaning to a story, article or set of data. And what’s popular right now on social media are images created by overlaying text on a background. It’s amazing how by just taking ordinary words such as a quote, helpful tip, greeting or words of inspiration, and putting them on a background makes the difference between a post that barely gets noticed and one that gets liked, shared, retweet or reposted.

Want to get more visual with your content? Bookmark this infographic for inspiration.

10 Ways To Use Images To Grow & Engage Your Following With Images On Social Media [Infographic]

Visual Content - How To Use Images on Social Media

1. Overlay Your Blog Post Title Onto An Image

If you have a physical product, take photos of people using your products or if you represent a company, use product photos provided in your marketing materials. Don’t have products? Use stock photos that relate to your message.

2. Highlight Your Products or Services

If you have a physical product, take photos of people using your products or if you represent a company, use product photos provided in your marketing materials. Take this a step farther by using an image caption and include your website address on your photos so people know where to go and purchase.

Is your business serviced based? Images for service based business can include a portfolio of your previous work or just a quick shot of your computer screen showing off your latest project.

Here’s a tip I’ve learned about getting more visual as a service-based provider of B-to-B services: Images allow you to “show” people what you’re doing – not just “tell” them.

3. Share Your Favorite Quotes

People love to be inspired. That’s one of the things I love about social media. People want to connect and encourage each other and that motivates me. Consider using an engaging wallpaper or background and overlaying it with your favorite quotes. There are so many sources for great quotes, but one of my favorites is Brainy Quotes. You can also search Twitter for hashtag #Quote or #Quotes and see what other quotes people are tweeting. Simply copy and paste them onto your background and share it on your social media. It’s that easy!

4. Share Recipes

Studies show we buy with our eyes. This is especially true for food. Have you ever looked at a restaurant’s menus and completely overlooked the items that didn’t have pictures? I know I have. Images go a long way with engaging people in your recipes. Take pictures of each of the major steps of the recipes and place the instructions along side or on top of each photo. Post them to your blog and share the link to the complete recipe on your social media.

5. Share Your (or Team) Photo With a Greeting

From time to time you will want to show your wonderful face so people can connect with a “real” person. Thanks to apps like Instagram this will be easy. Use one of my favorite apps: PicGram and add text over your photo that might include a greeting, quote or just a quick tip (don’t forget the website address!). The good thing about Instagram is it also allows you to share the photo right to your Twitter account and Facebook page. So you get a 3 for 1 deal with just one post.

NOTE: You’ll want to set your Instagram account to post to your Facebook business page since it automatically defaults to your personal profile. Click here for instructions for sharing Instagram photos on your Facebook Business page.

6. Show Sneak Peeks and Behind the Scenes

In-the-moment photos are great for social media. Use your smartphone to snap a photo of you meeting with your clients (with their permission of course). You might even share a snapshot of what’s it’s like backstage as you’re getting ready for an event or even a photo of the crowd.

7. Make a Digital Flyer for a Special Promotion

Do you have a limited time offer, upcoming event or special promotion? Rather than posting a link on your social media, try creating an image of that promotion and sharing that along with your link. I can’t tell you how much this has improved my engagement and helped get more clicks back to my website.

8. Share Weekly or Daily Tips

Just like your blog post titles, if you have weekly snack-size nuggets you can share, share them visually. Pick a bold color background with a little bit of texture (not too busy!) and share your daily or weekly tip with your social media followers. People love to see helpful, quick ways your product or service can help them in their everyday lives.

9. Share How-To’s, Tutorials, Share Lists or Checklists

Images are the perfect way to share tutorials and tips. Similar to recipes, you can share photos of each step of the tutorial and either share them individually or combine them into one image such as a collage.

As for lists, we all love handy, dandy checklists that we can bookmark, print and save for later. Use a combination of color and a good font to create a list or checklist that your followers can use and share with others. 

10. Share Information, Data or Stats in an Infographic

Infographics are long form graphics that are used to present a concept, data, statistics or text information in a visual format. You can see several examples of infographics on our blog. The main reason these work is because they are longer which means you can get more information on the graphic. Infographics are very popular on image sharing platforms like Pinterest and even Google+.

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  1. says

    Love this post, Lane! I hadn’t thought of the “say hello from your office” one–I’ll definitely have to try that! Do you have any recommendations for good places to find free pics for using on social media/blogs that are for public use? That’s a problem I always run into.

    • Lane Jones says

      Hi Janine. Thanks so much for your comment. I have been using paid accounts ( is my favorite at the moment), but try Wiki Commons for free images – just be careful that you’re using royalty and permission free files – photographers can and will sue if their images are being used without permission. I talk about this more in my free DYOGraphics class too. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. says

    Yes! So great that I shared it with my team!! I just love this idea but haven’t really thought of integrating it into my own digital marketing. Thanks!! :)

    • Lane Jones says

      Hi Vivian. How sweet of you to share this with your team. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Have fun creating and sharing your images. :-)